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Lagu Psikopat

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Coba-coba… lu harusnya nyadar ada sesuatu yang aneh di lirik lagu menyentuh ini!

Potong bebek angsa, masak di kuali
Nona minta dansa, dansa empat kali
Sorong ke kiri, sorong ke kanan
Lalalalalala lalalalalala

Liat kan??
Masa gak nyadar! nih biar gw kasih tau beberapa hal yang menurut gw aneh,

Coba lu liat deh! Gak pernah gw liat ada orang yang seseneng ini waktu masak bebek!
Sampai pake sorong kanan, sorong kiri… psikopat! dasar nih si nona,
kayanya emang nih lagu tuh lagu buat psikopat deh…



Funny Wrong Email Address Story

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One day, a husband get a job out of town. After he’s there, he then proceed to check in to a local hotel. He get a PC with internet facilities in his room. He then write an email to notify his wife happily.

Unfortunately, without he realizing it he wrong in typing his wife email address. He then keep sending it to a wrong email address, without realizing it.

At the other place, a women (the one who get the wrong email) was just come back from the funeral of her husband. She then check her email to read the condelences mails. At the first email she open, she then immediately fell unconscious. And so her first son was shocked too and fell to the ground.

Know what she got? Here’s the email…

To : My lovely wife
Subject : I’m already here, honey!

I know, you were a little shocked but also happy to get this massage from. Actually here, they have already put the internet as well. They said so that the guest can easily notify their beloved people, especially at home. This place is so comfortable, They also have set everything right for your come tomorrow, I’ve lost my patience to wait for your come tomorrow. May you have a good travel with you, as I did tomorrow.

Love you honey…

If it’s possible, take the kids also with you, honey!

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