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Dangerous of Caffeine, Caffeine Fact

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( sorry for the bad english before 🙂 )

Well, what are you imagine if you heard “caffeine”? Coffee? Tea? If that was what are you imagine, then same with me here, which is mean we just the same dummy with the word caffeine. Luckly… intentionally, I’ve read some articles about caffeine (Thanks to Miss Google…!), Ok, so far these what I got…

ACtually, beside coffee and tea, caffeine also contained in the energy drinks and also some drugs which have effect to boost our brain work and the biggest amount is in the pour coffee also in espresso with the amount of approximately more than 100 mg/8oz and 2oz.

Caffeine can make us stay wake up all night long because caffeine work with boosting our brain and hear, specifically there’s usually this hormone called adenonine which has function to obstruct our brain work, but when consume caffeine then this hormone become non-active and then our brain release the hormone called epinefrine which can raise our heartbeat, which is mean… our blood pressure also raise, supply of blood and oxygen will also raises too.

So, shortly caffeine has that kind of effect beacause our brain and heart is forced to work optimal.

Caffeine has claimed dangerous for some animals like bird, dog and spider. Research show an interesting result when the spider fed by caffeine and others drugs, their webs become somehow has a differsnt form than usual, here’s their webs

When we used to be usual to consume caffeine, slowly our body will adapted with the caffeine, it will be a new normal for our body to optimalized the brain and heart work. Then, if we stop consuming caffeine, there will be a sudden decrease to our blood pressure whice will make us have some migrain.

If we consume caffeine approximately 250mg/day, we’ll feel some effect like insomnia (FYI, amount of caffeine in the kind of drinks i mentioned before is for about 100 mg/serve). Moreover, if we consume caffeine more than 1 g in a day (remember, I said gram, not miligram anymore which is 1 g = 1000 mg) we’ll have more extreme effect like stiff, heartbeat disruption and some of psycomotor indication.

Well… that’s what I know, wish it helpful! 😀


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  1. haha… i’m feeling like that too. If i consume coffe – i dont say what coffe – just coffe, i not sleeping ollll night ….

    but, i think coffe have advantages for college student … haha

    note: don’t reply my comment … thanks … haha

  2. you should share your post in facebook, i suggest …
    yah, so everyone know … who you are


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