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Me, my Food and, my Weight and the people around

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Holiday is can be either fun or just the opposite, it can be the greatest reason to success or laziness.

I think I should begin my exercise to lose some weight, moreover to build my body… well it’s a though one I thing.

I don’t know what is the main factor that make me so easily gain some weight lately, years ago, when I was in high school I can remember it clearly that it’s so difficult to gain weight, event just 1 kg. Now, I think I can easily gain 5 kg just in a weeks, poor me _ _” . But when I think about it again, maybe my unhealthy habitual is the main factor, sleep late at night, eat more carbohydrate at night, sleep all day, and exercise, I event didn’t remember the last time I exercised.

All I want is not getting some muscle to looks more attractive, but just healthy life. Maybe I saw too much shows in the TV about the important of healthy life and the risk if our habitual is bad, like some sickness that we may get. Well, that makes me scare actually. The other reason maybe is my height, yeah… I’m not a tall guy, so when I get some weight, I will easily looks fatter than before T_T. This holiday is the most not productive holiday… the last 3 days I will try to make it better.


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